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Steel Fittings And Flanges Factory in India

View Our Steel Mills In Maharashtra, Capability To Produce 1/2" to 60" Weld Fitting And Forgings In Mumbai & Gujarat.

We Supply All Or Steel Fittings And Flanges With Our Marking, Test Report, And Origin Of Raw Material. We Also Manufacture Weld Fittings And Forged Flanges On A Job Basis So If Our Customers Provide Raw Material Or Alloys So We Can Produce In Their Sizes And Types. Rajendra Piping And Fittings Also Provide Third-party Inspection And Other Value-added Services Like Polishing, Bevelling, Cutting, Electroplating, Drilling, Bending, Casting, Hot-dip Galvanizing, Sand-blasting, And Threading. We Have Over 20 Years Of Experience In Steel Fabrication And Casting.

CNC, Lathe and Rolling Machine for Forging, Flanges, Type A/ Seamless and pressed pipe fittings acc to EN 10204/3.1

Below Testing Machine Available At Our Engineer
SR. NO. Machine Details Facility
1 Universal Testing Machine Universal Testing Machine Use For Testing of Mechanical Properties As Per ASME (B16.9/ B16.5/ B16.11) And ASTM Standards (A182/ A403/ A234/ A350/ A105) For Yield Point, UTS Value, Reduction % Or Elongation %.
2 X-MET5000 Portable X-MET5000 Portable Machine Use To Material identification
3 Portable Optical Emmision Spectrometer Optical Emmision Spectrometer Use To Chemical Composition Testing All Elements Like Carbon, Alloy, Silicon, Nickel, Molybdenum, Copper, Phosporous, Sulfur, Manganese etc
4 Testing Machine Of Hardness Hardness testing Machine Use With Rockwell (B And C)
5 Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine Use Surface And Sub-Surface Testing Defects
6 Ultrasonic Thickness Guage A. Thickness measurement upto 100 Millmeter (MM) for Carbon Steel & Upto 50 Millimeter (MM) for Stainless Steel
7 Portable Temperature Indicator – Thermocouple Portable Temperature Indicator Check Temperature up to 1200 o C
beveling machine
marking machine
cold forming machines
hydraulic press machines
heat treatment furnace machines
stub end beveling machine

List of Equipments And Machineries Available In Our Factory:

  • Portable Temperature Indicator
  • CNC Lath
  • Conventional machine
  • Elbow Cold Forming Machines
  • Tee Beveling Machine
  • Hydraulic Press 150 Tons Capacity

  • Heat Treatment For Forged Flange
  • Tee Cold Forming Machines
  • Oil Fired Heat Treatment Furnace
  • Elbow Beveling Machine
  • Hydraulic Press 300 Tons Capacity
  • Radial Driling Machine

Fabrication Method 1D Elbow 1.5D Elbow 3D Elbow 5D Elbow Return Bends SR (Short Radius) Return Bends LR (Long Radius)
Hot forming welded and seamless solution Up to 4" 160 and XXS vertical diameter Up to 18" vertical diameter heavy wall Up to 6" vertical diameter heavy wall 1" to 4" vertical diameter heavy wall 1" to 4" vertical diameter heavy wall
seamless or welded cold forming solution Up to 24"
by mandrel STD and XS
Up to 8" vertical diameter heavy wall

Up to 24"
by mandrel STD and XS
seamless or welded hot forming solution 3" to 22"
vertical diameter heavy wall 6" to 24"
in two halves every wall
Up to 30" vertical diameter heavy wall
4" to 80"
in two halves
STD and XS
1" to 24" vertical diameter heavy wall 1" to 10" vertical diameter heavy wall 1" to 6" vertical diameter heavy wall 1" to 6" vertical diameter heavy wall

Fabrication Method Con And Eccentric Pipe Reducer Pipe End Cap Equal Tee And Reducing tee Equal Cross (4 Way Cross) Flow Tee Lateral Tee
welded and seamless hot forming solution Up to 24" vertical diameter every wall 21/2" to 24" vertical diameter every wall 1/2" to 2" heavy wall from forging 1/2" to 2" heavy wall from forging 3" to 24" vertical diameter every wall 4" to 16" vertical diameter every wall welded solution Up to 24" every wall welded solution
welded and seamless cold forming solution Up to 14" vertical diameter every wall Up to 16" STD and XS horizontal press Up to 16" STD and XS welded solution Up to 16"
STD and XS welded solution
welded and seamless hot forming solution Up to 80" vertical diameter every wall Up to 80" vertical diameter every wall 4" to 80" vertical diameter every wall 2" to 12" vertical diameter every wall seamless solution to customers' drawings Up to 80" every wall welded solution

No Matter Where The Location, Recently We Have Successfully Supplied Carbon Steel Buttweld Pipe Fittings To The Following Countires

3 Inch, SCH 80, ASME B16.9 Fittings Malaysia, United Kingdom -UK, Europe, UAE
1 1/2 Inch, Class 3000, ASME B16.11 Socket Weld Fittings Philippines, Indonesia, Dammam -KSA, Belgium.
SCH 80, Class 6000, DN450, Threaded Forged Fittings Qatar, Europe, Thailand, France.
ASME B16.9, 6 Inch, Sch 120, Stainless Steel Buttweld Pipe Fittings Germany, Czechia, Malaysia, Thailand
14 Inch, SCH 120, A403 Stainless Steel 304 Pipe Fittings Bangladesh, Malaysia, Finland, USA
2 Inch SCH 160, Stainless Steel 316 Pipe Fittings South Africa, Brazil, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kuwait
SCH 20S, 8 Inch, BW, ANSI B16.9, ASTM A403 WP 304 Elbow Bahrain, Singapore, South Africa
SCH 40S, 3 Inch, MSS SP-43, ASTM A234 WPB Pipe Fittings Australia, Nigeria, Philippines, UK
10 inch, 3.05 mm, ASTM A234 WPB Elbow Hong Kong, Malaysia, Oman, UAE
SCH 60S, B16.9, 12 Inch, DN80, ASTM A420 WPL6 Buttweld Pipe Fittings Iran, Italy, Chile, Singapore
SMLS, SCH 40S, 10 inch, DN200, ASTM A860 WPHY 60 Fittings Norway, Turkey, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
6 inch, SCH5, BW, Alloy Steel Fittings Mexico, Spain, Egypt, UK
WT 0.375 MM, ASTM A403, 14 Inch, Weld, 2205 Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings Poland, Canada, UK, Ellington -United States
ASME B16.9, 8 inch, SCH 10S, 2507 Super Duplex Pipe Fittings Philippines, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia
SCH 100S, 3 1/2 Inch, 90/10 Copper Nickel Pipe Fittings Europe, Malaysia, Japan, Romania
SCH 120, Buttweld, 6 X 3 Inch, Inconel 600 Pipe Fittings Malaysia, Colombia, Sweden, China
8 inch, SCH160, Inconel 625 Pipe Fittings Norway, Malaysia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
SCH 100, BW, 10 Inch, Monel 400 Pipe Fittings Indonesia, Belgium, Dammam -KSA, Philippines.
WT 0.375 MM, 16 Inch, ASME B16.9, Alloy 20 Pipe Fittings Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Singapore
14 × 6 Inch, DN100, Incoloy 800 Pipe Fittings Romania, Malaysia, Japan, Europe
SCH 60, 6 inches, BW, Hastelloy C276 Pipe Fittings Sweden, China, Colombia, Malaysia
Class 150, 4 Inch, SCH 10, ANSI B16.5, Stainless Steel Flanges Singapore, South Africa, Bahrain
8 Inch, Class 300, Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flange UK, Australia, Philippines, Nigeria
150 LB, 10 Inch, SCH 20, RF, Stainless Steel Blind Flange UAE, Hong Kong, Oman, Malaysia
PN16, DN80, EN1092-2, RF, Stainless Steel Slip On Flange Iran, Chile, Singapore, Italy
Class 600, RF, STD, DN 200, Forged, Stainless Steel 304 Flanges Norway, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Malaysia
AMSE B16.5, SCH 30S, 2 Inch, Stainless Steel 316 Flanges Malaysia, Europe, United Kingdom -UK, UAE
ASME B16.5, 900LB, SCH 40, Carbon Steel Flanges Belgium, Philippines, Dammam -KSA, Indonesia.
BS 10 Class D, 16 Inch, STD Bore, ASTM A105 Carbon Steel Weld Neck Flanges Thailand, Europe, Qatar, France.
Class 1500, ANSI B16.5, 2 Inch, RF, ASTM A105 Carbon Steel Blind Flanges Thailand, Germany, Malaysia, Czechia
300LB, SCH 20, 4 Inch, Raised Face, ASTM A105 Carbon Steel Slip On Flanges Bangladesh, Malaysia, Finland, USA
SCH 30, FF, Class 150 LB, 6 Inch, ASTM A350 LF2 Flanges Kuwait, South Africa, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Brazil
8 Inch, RF Ends, SCH 20, 300#, Alloy Steel Flanges Russia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Dubai
SCH 120, RF, 12 Inch, Class 2500, 2205 Duplex Steel Flanges UK, Mexico, Egypt, Spain
2500 LB, ASA B16.5, RF, 6 Inch, 2507 Super Duplex Flanges Ellington -United States, Poland, UK, Canada
16 Inch, RF, ASME B16.5, 90/10 Copper Nickel Flanges Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Singapore
Class 150 To 2500, 18 Inch, RF, Inconel 600 Flanges Romania, Europe, Japan, Malaysia
300 LB, FF, ASME B16.5, 8 Inch, Inconel 625 Flanges Malaysia, USA, Finland, Bangladesh
SCH20, 10 Inch, Class 300, Monel 400 Flanges Iran, Chile, Italy, Singapore
12 Inch, Class 1500, SCH30, Nickel 200 Flanges Spain, UK, Egypt, Mexico
Class 900, 14 Inch, Forged, Incoloy 800 Flanges Poland, Canada, Ellington -United States, UK
Raised Face, 16 Inch, Class 300, Hastelloy C276 Flanges Europe, UAE, United Kingdom -UK, Malaysia
ANSI B16.48, 18 Inch, 900 LB, RF, Hastelloy C22 Flanges Malaysia, Sweden, Colombia, China